Working in Partnership with VirginCare and North East Hampshire and Farnham CCG. The Primary aim of the Friends is to raise funds to improve the care nd wellbeing of the patients at the Hospital and GP Practices by providing extra equipment and facilities above those which are funded and provided for by the NHS.  The Friends also aim to increase the profile of Farnham Hospital and Centre for Health through the local press, membership and connections with community groups and businesses.

The Committee meet six times a year at the hospital to consider requests received from the wards, departments and GPs, organise events such as buying and distributing Christmas Presents for all in-patients during the Festive Season and delivering   Strawberry Cream Teas in the Summer.  The AGM usually takes place in the Spring. 

Charity Tea Tent August 2016  Friends-and Community Matron-Sue-Dean

Along with our website, we also have a Facebook page and a Newsletter is distributed twice yearly to all members, hospital departments and stakeholders within the local community.

Past Presidents

Past President - Mrs Elizabeth Odell

Past President - Tom Ayres, MBE

Past President - Michael Watts OBE

Past President - George Alford

Who we are:

President - Mrs Mary Probert

Chairman - Mr George Alford

Treasurer - Mr Michael Cox

Secretary - Vacancy

Committee members - Mrs Pam Easey; Mrs Margaret Nicholls, Dr Agnes Ibrahim, Mr Paul Fry; Mrs Diana Martin and Mrs Diana Thomas. 

Hospital representatives:  Lead for Scheduled Care Susan Joyce, Community Matron Sue Anderson; Jasmine Runnacles Hospital Chaplain and Brenda Norton Hospital Administrator

A selection of items the Friends have recently bought for the hospital and GPs

Dementia clocksDementia Clocks have been purchased for each of the four ward day rooms

River Wey ECG machine Dr Roberts, Sister Last and Sister Berns inspecting their  ECG machine

Dementia aid technology iPad purchased with proceeds from concert by RMVC

Anatomical needs for Physiotherapy Anatomical aids for Physiotherapy

   3 Portable telephones for the wards Three portable telephones for the Wards

Spirometer for GP Surgery  Spirometer for Farnham Dene Practice